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Hương vị nguyên bản gắn liền với bản sắc văn hóa cà phê của Việt Nam.

Original flavor associated with the cultural identity of Vietnam’s coffee.




We make our dough in-house every day and let it rest overnight to develop the taste and structure it needs.
Our sauce is made with local tomatoes, salt and oregano.
We shred cheese ourselves to get that perfect melt.
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Preparing the Coffee


Prepare Coffee?

CLEAN COFFEE 100% PURE. 100% do not mix corn, do not mix beans… MHA CAFÉ is not impregnated with harmful chemicals, without fragrance, flavoring, coffee flavor enhancer. MHA CAFÉ also does not use anti-mold and coffee preservatives. Simply 100% pure roasted coffee beans.

Coffee is not addictive
but will bring creativity to work and life.

Huy Manh

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 Rhiana Giveday
Rhiana Giveday
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John Beef
John Beef
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Patric Stone
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MHA CAFÉ – Developing a sustainable coffee value chain to raise the value of Vietnamese coffee in the international arena.

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