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Why Should Roasters Offer Drip Coffee Bags?

Why Should Roasters Offer Drip Coffee Bags?


2019 the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland, published an article on the international coffee market in which they examined how market trends are shifting to meet the expectations of consumers.

The article outlines how, today, consumers expect coffee products that are both easy to access, and quick and simple to prepare. As a result, demand is increasing for convenient coffee options that can be consumed on the go.

However, at the same time, it found that coffee consumers refuse to compromise on quality, with premium quality coffee favored over cheap instant alternatives. Despite the economic impact of Covid-19, coffee consumers are showing no signs of cutting back on the quality of the coffee they purchase. 

In August 2020, a survey conducted by Caravela Coffee found that 83% of large coffee roasters were already at or were forecasted to be above pre-Covid levels within the next six months.

Meanwhile, research indicates that in times of adversity, people will cut back on bigger purchases like cars and designer clothing, yet they’re less likely to cut back on affordable luxuries that offer instant gratification, such as specialty coffee.

Drip bags align with these trends and offer a perfect solution for roasters looking to grow their customer base. Not only does the single-use, hands-off brewing process conform to new rules on hygiene and minimizing contact, but it also suits the busy lifestyles of modern-day coffee consumers.

What To Consider When Selling Drip Coffee Bags

Drip coffee bags have been around since the 1990s, but it’s taken a while for specialty coffee roasters to incorporate them into their line of products. For one, finding the right grind size and material can be a challenging process. 

Additionally, most specialty roasters are keen to show a commitment to sustainability, however, the single-serve nature of drip coffee bags makes this difficult. 

To tackle this dilemma recommends working with a packaging expert, such as MHA CAFÉ, that can offer environmentally friendly compostable or recyclable coffee bags. Kraft paper is a popular choice for drip coffee that will be consumed in a short timeframe as they are fully recyclable and biodegradable, yet does not preserve freshness for as long as other materials.

For roasters, it’s important to choose packaging for drip bags that reflects the quality of the product inside. Ground single-origin coffee, for example, should include information about the region in which the coffee was grown, the roast date, and the roast profile to give customers a sense of what to expect. 

Although there is limited room when compared to a regular coffee bag, roasters should also try to include other points, such as tasting notes and sustainability certifications. 

Drip coffee bags have become a popular choice among consumers, as both an on-the-go solution and a quick fix while at home. Not only do they suit the busy modern lifestyle, but they also offer roasters a way to broaden their customer base by making high-quality coffee more accessible.

At MHA CAFÉ, we offer customizable drip coffee bags, whether you’re selling them individually or in bulk. We have a range of options, including recyclable and compostable bags complete with optional degassing valves, zip locks, foil ties, and clear windows.

We can also help you communicate a commitment to responsibility and quality by including the most important information on your packaging, from origin to flavor notes.


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